Dehydration: Performance and Skin Care

Dehydration: Performance and Skin Care

For many of us, the summer months are also the months when we are at our most physically active: running, cycling, swimming, you name it, we’re outside doing it. However, the same sunlight that inspires us to be more active, can also be hindering our performance and damaging our skin in ways that can go unnoticed until it’s too late. At MacDonald’s Pharmacy, we protect against dehydration in a variety of ways.

Physical Performance

Dehydration is always a factor in mental health and physical performance, but during these hot summer months, it is even more important to watch for the warning signs. By the time you are aware of the symptoms, your body is already experiencing dehydration, and your performance could be suffering. It is important to take active preventative steps to ensure that our bodies have what they need.

Some of the signs of dehydration include a feeling of mental fogginess, chapped lips and burning eyes. Your brain is 70% water, so every time you drink water, you’re helping your body function properly. Even a 4% loss of water can cause memory loss and otherwise adversely affect your cognitive thinking. Nutrition – particularly hydration – is one of the few changes that people can make in their lives that can cause them to start feeling better right away.

Water is obviously critical to staying hydrated, but the body also needs vitamins and minerals to perform properly. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough nutrients from the foods that we eat as part of our regular diets. To supplement our summer diets, we offer Mason Natural supplements. Mason Natural offers more than 400 vitamins, supplements and herbs for the entire family.

Hydrating Skin Care

We also need to take additional precautions for the portions of our bodies that are consistently exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

At MacDonald’s Pharmacy, we proudly carry RX Skin Therapy, a revolutionary skin care line “that combines the most powerful pharmaceuticals with the finest natural ingredients to deliver advanced scientific formulas used to cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect.”

RX Skin Therapy offers cleansers, moisturizers, masques, exfoliants and serums for every skin type, whether it’s normal, dry or oily.

Together, we can establish a plan that will help to enhance your performance and protect your skin that doesn’t involve staying indoors. Just is just another way that we help navigate each person’s journey to achieving their optimal health – inside and out.